Product pain points discovery, 6X faster.

Consolidate, tag and analyze all customer feedback automatically. Be customer driven with no effort.

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Prevent losing valuable customer feedback

Consolidate scattered feedback across all channels and teams (sales, support, customer success). Never miss a valuable insight again.

Avoid losing customer feedback

Effortlessly consolidate all customer feedback and make sure no feedback entry is missed.

Make sense of customer feedback instantly

Stop wasting time on manually tagging and trying to find patterns in customer feedback.

Measure the customer impact of your releases

Stop wasting time on manually tagging and trying to find patterns in customer feedback.

Make sense of customer feedback instantly

Save hours by replacing the slow feedback analysis process with fully automated tagging that you can control.

Measure the customer impact of your releases

Easily measure if your latest release causes happiness or complaints. Understand the timeline evolution of a problem with each iteration.

ClientZen helps you answer questions faster,
so you can focus on the product vision.

What features are requested
the most?

All your feature requests counted, tagged automatically, and made even more powerful with advanced sentiment analysis.

What are the emerging trends in our customer's needs?

Spot emerging trends and potential customer pain points on the rise. Validate the topics that matter the most for any of your customer segments.

What are our users complaining about the most?

Quickly notice if something is happening with a feature or release. Take action to prevent escalations and churn.

Did our latest release solve
a pain point?

Understand how your product updates solved a problem or improved a pain point through customer feedback.

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from every customer conversation?

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“ClientZen helps us save a lot of time by tagging automatically all the feedback from our customers. It shows us the most requested features and client pain points on the rise, so we can take action fast.”

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