Learn from every
customer feedback.

All your customer feedback automatically tagged by topic and sentiment with the most accurate feedback analytics software.

All your customer feedback tagged automatically.

Integrate your chat, email, ticketing, reviews or custom data
for automated tagging, sentiment analysis and revenue driving topics.
Mantra AI

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Fully customizable automated tagging powered by AI
Automatically analyze support tickets, reviews and surveys
Revenue analytics for every customer pain-point

Save hours with automated feedback tagging

AI power to automatically tag your support tickets, emails and client reviews.

Real-time sentiment scores

Sentiment analysis instead of innacurate forms to understand how your clients really feel.

Data-driven roadmap prioritization

Learn how often a topic appears in coversations, how your users feel about it and what is the revenue behind it.

Pain-points evolution
over time

Know how a new release improved the product in the eyes of your clients.

Pain-points discovery

Tags detected automatically to uncover hidden topics and insights, that your clients talk about.

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Successful SaaS teams use ClientZen

Bogdan Padurariu
CTO at Digitalya

"With ClientZen, we can finally have an accurate way to measure our clients’ happiness in real-time. This is crucial for us because it allows us to act fast, deliver great services, and increase our referrals base."