Why Choose ClientZen
over Prodsight?

ClientZen is the most accurate tagging and feedback analytics tool.  Get customer insights, 6x times faster.
Bogdan Padurariu
CTO at Digitalya

"With ClientZen, we can finally have an accurate way to measure our clients’ happiness in real-time. This is crucial for us because it allows us to act fast, deliver great services, and increase our referrals base."

Top Reasons Why SaaS Companies Choose ClientZen over Prodsight


ClientZen AI works out of the box, without any supervised training or complex setup.
Integrate your feedback channels and save hours by replacing the manual process with fully customizable automated tagging powered by AI. Works out of the box for any feedback like chat, tickets, reviews or custom data.


ClientZen is especially designed for customer feedback, not general text analysis.
Context is what gives power to the data. Spot emerging trends and potential customer pain points on the rise. Sentiment analysis and MRR help you identify the topics that matter the most for to customers.


Insights, not just data classification.
Define custom segments and get insights based on advanced customer filters like MRR, sentiment and lifetime value. Learn what segment interacts the most and if it's positive or negative.

ClientZen vs. Prodsight at a glance

Automated tagging and classification
Categories and topics that you can control
Customer pain-points detection
Pain-points evolution over time
Customer segments
Customer journey dashboard
Keyword cloud
Mantra AI
Sentiment analysis
Predefined models that work outside the box
Smart data clean-up
Free trial available
Transparent plans and pricing

Handle customer feedback the right way

More reasons to love ClientZen

What features are requested
the most?

All your feature requests counted, tagged automatically, and made even more powerful with advanced sentiment analysis.

What are the emerging trends in our customer's needs?

Spot emerging trends and potential customer pain points on the rise. Validate the topics that matter the most for any of your customer segments.

What are our users complaining about the most?

Quickly notice if something is happening with a feature or release. Take action to prevent escalations and churn.

Did our latest release solve
a pain point?

Understand how your product updates solved a problem or improved a pain point through the feedback from your customers.

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